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WOW!! Love the new Somerset Studio magazine!!

I was slightly disappointed when I learned you were going to 4 issues a year instead of 6; but when I saw the new format I was simply amazed. It's bigger, better and I love the interactive components!! I also love more designer papers. You have really outdone yourself and I will be looking forward to the new issue.

Gloria | 通全球加速官网

Whether you are a writer or thinker or a dreamer, I highly recommend this book.

I have tried to do other "journal" type books before & always seem to lose steam after a few weeks or so. This isn't the case - so far - with this book. I got it as a pre-order &, as I said, I'm still excited to open it up every week and do my new pages & add to my old ones.

Kieran Rich | 雷霆加速器破解版app